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A: PA Simple Cremation is an all inclusive web page designed to guide you through the process of arranging a cremation for a loved one. After you have made your selections, filled in the necessary information and completed the checkout process, a simple phone call to PA Simple Cremation will assure that your wishes will be handled in a professional and dignified manner.

A: PA Simple Cremation is licensed to serve all areas of Pennsylvania. Our ‘local’ area includes Clearfield, Centre, Blair, Cambria, Indiana, Jefferson, Elk and Cameron Counties. Outside of this area, there is an additional transportation fee.

A: There is no requirement in PA for you to purchase an urn or any other merchandise for that matter. PA Simple Cremation was designed with this in mind. PA Simple Cremation is proud to offer cremation at a low cost to assist those we serve.

A: PA law mandates that the cremation process can not take place until 24 hours after death. After that time and all of the paperwork has been processed, you can expect the cremated remains returned to you in 7-10 days.

A: Yes, we strongly encourage advance planning of your cremation. PA Simple Cremation web site is designed to accommodate advanced planning. Advanced payment is also encouraged as it assures no additional payments in the future for the items you specify.

For answers to all other cremation questions, call us at 888-602-7976.

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